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The Stream from Netherlands
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Artist History

The Stream is a versatile and melodic pop-/rock-band, formed in 2010 by Jan Stroomer. Very unique songs, great musicality, and a show that makes you feel good!


Currently The Stream is working on a second album, which is due to be released at the end of this year. Also, in july 2012 an EP, named Full House, will be released. On this record you can hear 3 brand new songs and 2 live-tracks from songs of the earlier album ‘Tracks’. The new material sounds a bit Beatlesque combined with some Queen-ish song-structures. The live-recordings are more down-to-earth and less produced, and they’ve got a kick in it which only occur on live-tracks.


The first album ‘Tracks’ was written and recorded intirely by Jan Stroomer. It was released in 2010, before the rest of the band was formed. He played most of the instruments himself, but also some parts were played by other musicians. The variety of styles on the album is what became the trademark of The Stream’s music, but all songs do connect to eachother in terms of vocal harmonies, song-writing and band-instruments. The influence of the other band-members is very audible when the songs are played live. Where The Skies End, for instance, was given much more ska-feel live and Do You Want? has been turned into a much more heavy rock-song.


The Stream started off as a studio-project, but Jan Stroomer and the others aswell, are a live-musicians pur sang. This means a show of The Stream is music in its livest form. And they perform in many different settings, a side from the normal four-member pop/rock-band. Accoustic guitar, bass, cajon and piano for instance. But also just piano and vocals. And sometimes they even play with a four-member string-section.


In januari 2012 the promo-video for Time For Some Changes became the Plug-It-In on Next Best Band. Currently The Stream is also working on some great videos for their new songs. Collaborating with a very cool video-artist, director and other creative friends, the videos shall be very stunning indeed! The first official video-clip will be released in september 2012.

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