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The Team from California San Diego
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Artist History

The team is made up of Terrence Simmons a.k.a. Prettyboy T, and Julio Arnold a.k.a. Escobar. Prettyboy T was born in Paterson New Jersey, raised in San Diego, Ca. and now resides in Mesa, Az.. Pretty T was raised in the family with exceptional music ability. His father Charles Simmons had great success in the music industry. The most it resent of his accolades being "The Documentary" The Games multi-platinum album. His mother Trina Simmons has had unparalleled success, most notable for her work on the multi-platinum dangerous minds soundtrack. By the age of twelve Prettyboy T had a real passion to write and rap. At 14 he was captivating audiences at church, and in local talent shows with his rapping skills. He is known by his peers to be a phenomenal freestyler and a lyrical genius. His style is reminiscent of a young Jay Z., and he also brings in his ability as a choreographer of hip-hop dance to The Team. Escobar a Detroit native, raised in Harlem New York have been captivating audiences with his unique style reminiscent to Biggie Smalls. He took viewers by storm with his captivating performance, dominating the rock the mic contests. Escobar quickly became sought after by hip-hoppers from city to city. Escobar and Pretty T were both battling for the number one spot in an open mic extravaganza. We won't disclose the results of it, but you the judge.
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