Tom Hood and The Trailmen
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Trailmen and Trailerettes

2013.. Well here we are having survived the end of the world and the elections!!   I am excited to announce the release of our 5th CD  "Island Fever" Its now available at CD Baby, Itunes and most digital channels.

Island Fever transports you to the islands ... sip a cold beer on the beach, skinny dip in the moonlight and dance all night.   Hawaiian, Floridian &  Bahamian influences blend into a set of tunes that will put you in a feel good mood. 

Im playing ukulele on all tracks, and The Trailmen lineup for this session are John Brzoza...lead guitar, Alex Sarkis ...drums and percussion, Phil Bland on bass... and Carl Obrig joins the band for this cd on penny whistle, sax and percussion.

2012... Ive been busy in Florida playing with The Tropical Sons, Miggi and Dave Helm and writing more tunes. The Trailmen are recording at Dare Studios in New York and I plan to have our 5th CD "Isalnd Fever"  ready for release before the end of summer 2012. 

2011 brought the release of "Trailmix".  Trailmix is a fully remastered mix of 15 songs (3 from each of the Trialmen cds).  Lots of great nights of music at The East Quogue Pub and our summer series at The Beach Hut in Southampton at Messhut Beach.

In 2010...we announced the official release of our 3rd CD "Git Outta Town".  The new cd has new tunes and new musicians in the mix including Alex Sarkis on Drums, Phil Bland on Bass and special guest apperances by Tony Fig, Todd Grossman and Heidi Adler.  Paul Gilmore and Rodney Harris are back on 3 tracks handling Bass and Drums.

2009 brought another year with the Trailmen and lots of good times and good gigs behind us.  Our highlight show of the year was in July at Six Flags/Great Adventure when we opened for the Freedom Festival wiith Charlie Daniels. It was 100 degrees and must have been 100% humidity!!

 After a year of live gigs supporting the release of our first CD "Riding Into Town" the band was ready to record our followup CD...... "Dust In Your Hands" was released January 1st 2009 and contains 9 new songs written by myself along with Paul Carden and Ken Williams.

I think you will hear a maturity to the sound that came from our live shows and crowd feedback. The CD featues new players Caitlin Durney on Fiddle, Todd Grossman on Mandolin and Rodney Harris on Drums. Veteran Trailmen returning to duty are John Brzoza on Lead Guitar and Paul Gilmore on Bass.

The 2008 release of "Riding Into Town" has been well received and our live shows are getting bigger, better and  alot of fun.

Both cds and songs are available at for purchase or download and at itunes.

I have been playing numerous live shows in New York and Florida and have posted several live videos at you tube and myspace.   You can check the gigs page for more information or go to my calendar at myspace.

Several songs from the new CD are in the top 10 charts at    Check out the reviews page to see what the press is saying about the new songs.  Special thanks to the radio stations that are playing our songs....we love you!!!!

Special thanks to the very talented musicians who joined me in the recording studio and on the stage......John Brzoza - Lead Guitar, Paul Gilmore - Bass, Tom Peterson - Drums and Joe Behar on Trumpet on "Riding Into Town".  For the 2nd CD "Dust In Your Hands"... John Brzoza - Lead Guitar, Paul Gilmore - Bass, Rodney Harris on Drums,  Caitlin Durney on Fiddle and Todd Grossman on Mandolin or Slide Guitar ......Together we are The Trailmen!!!

The inspiration for the The Trailmen and our first CD "Riding into Town" came from my love of old cowboy movies. When I was a kid I would get up early on Saturday Mornings and watch Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and all the singing cowboys.   I also have spent alot of time in the Bahamas and Mexico and wrote tunes while nursing a hangover or catching some fun in the sun. Once we rode into the studio to record a few songs The Trailmen wouldnt stop.!! 

I hope you like the new CDs and would like to hear from you. Send emails, post comments on the music sites and come to a show.

Tom Hood