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Tom Tomoser from Nebraska

Liner Notes For John Miller (Full Article)
Liner Notes For John Miller
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 03 Dec 2010 01:42 AM

Liner Notes For John Miller

(Alternative titles)

“How To Drink And Not Kill Yourself Or Kill Anybody Else”


“You Gotta Be Smarter Than The Booze You Drink

Drinking alcohol is a matter of personal choice. Anyone who chooses to drink
alcohol owes it to themselves, their loved ones, and anyone they may come in contact with
while they are drinking; to understand alcohol and it use for recreational purposes. This
includes learning the warning signals of alcoholism before recreational drinking begins. A
simple call to a local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous will enable you to ask for the “10
Questions Pamphlet.” Read all the questions. These are the warning signals of alcoholism.
Unfortunately the questions can’t be answered until you start drinking, but if you read
them before you start recreational drinking, it will be easier to recognize them if they occur
when you drink. Answering yes to any 2 of the 10 questions means you are an alcoholic. AA
is the most knowledgeable organization to recognize and treat alcoholism.

The most important thing to understand about alcohol is it is an anesthetic
drug! Different people have different tolerance for anesthetic, some people are completely
drunk on 2 beers, and others can drink 2 quarts of hard liquor, and still function
reasonably well.

Alcohol can be as dangerous or more dangerous than a firearm, when used
without knowing it nature and it’s effects on the human mind and body. All states have
mandatory hunter safety courses to teach people how to safely use firearms. It is also
required to take a firearm safety course to receive a permit to carry a pistol. There is a
rule in business that should be applied here; that rule says, “If it makes sense do it!” So if
alcohol can be as dangerous as a firearm, doesn’t it make sense to teach people how to use
alcohol safely?

John Miller lost his life at 19 years of age because he never learned how to use
alcohol safely. Thousands of American lives can be saved, if people are taught how to use
alcohol safely, preferably before they start drinking but in any case at some point in their
life if they choose to consume alcohol on a recreational basis. Remember an American dies
every 10 minutes in an alcohol related automobile accident.

One last point Alcoholics can never use alcohol safely! It is a proven fact there
is only one safe course of action for an alcoholic; 1st admit you’re an alcoholic, 2nd attend
as many AA meetings as necessary to maintain a safe and sober life through complete

I offer this information with deep hope that those who read these words and
listen to the tragic story of John Miller will learn from John’s mistakes and not repeat
them, and live a full, rich, and happy life, as I have.

John Miller Narration

Every 10 minutes an American dies in an alcohol related auto
accident. These deaths are the results of bad decisions. Drinking is a
two part activity; going out and getting home alive. This is the story
of one kid who didn’t make it home alive.

John Miller

W&M by Tom Tomoser Sr.

I knew a nice young man John Miller was his name
That was the young man’s name
John was bright and quick and john learned every trick
I met John when he was ten John was still innocent then
He was innocent then
John Miller didn’t know that he would fall
To that killer alcohol killer alcohol

I knew a nice young man John Miller was his name
That was the young man’s name
Now John had just got home from school man was he cool
Tall and blond with eyes so blue a handsome guy to look at too
He was a handsome guy
John Miller didn’t know that he would fall
To that killer alcohol killer alcohol

B. It was the fourth of July John’s friends got high
and thought cars could fly
When it was time for John to leave
He should have grabbed a taxi cab
John’s friend drove the car John paid the price
Oh have mercy on the lad my dear Lord Christ

A. I knew a nice young man John Miller was his name
That was the young man’s name.
John’s mama cried all night oh God this can’t be right
What a waste young John was keen
The boy was just nineteen he was just nineteen.
John Miller didn’t know that he would fall
To that killer alcohol killer alcohol killer alcohol

Tag: Killer Alcohol Killer Alcohol Killer Alcohol Killer Alcohol

402 960 7075

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Band History

Bio  Tom Tomoser

        Tom Tomoser can best be described as a renaissance man, and thus his true desire to achieve the highest artistic quality, inspired him to begin his musical career by laying a foundation from which he could grow.

         He gained his musical knowledge the old fashioned way, he studied. Before he began his studies he drew upon his talent as a strategic planner from his successful business career to layout a path to produce a quality musical product.

            It was clear to Tom from the beginning that he would need to be competent in at least 4 areas of the music business to build a rewarding and profitable career/business. His first order of business was to learn how to write music. He began by studying music theory with a college professor that was also an accomplished pianist and woodwind artist playing with 2 symphony orchestras and a jazz ensemble. The next building block in Tom’s plan was to study voice so he would be able to sing his originals and make demos to send to established artists. Tom’s theory professor recommend a very highly recognized voice teacher and Tom progressed at a steady pace writing about a song a month.

            The next step was to start producing demos to shop his originals around to singers he thought his music would work for. Tom produced demos and it was evident that producing came very easily to Tom and he quickly accumulated a catalog of his tunes.

             In the early and mid 80s music videos began to appear on MTV, VH1, and on CMT. Tom made a good connection in Nashville with the producer of “Video Country” and talked him into running 2 of Tom’s full-blown master quality music videos he produced using 2 of his songs with full orchestral arrangements. The ballad received 500 pieces of positive response when it ran in the new artist segment of Video Country. The response was 90% female. Tom made a note of that and always tends to target the ladies in his song selection and marketing. It was evident that Tom’s music would never fit in the country genre because his music is ‘Too Pop” Too AC’ and “Too Jazz.” Tom also learned that he needed to study lyric writing. While in Nashville he met Jon Ims a hit songwriter who gave private lessons and a Grammy winning songwriter and author, Sheila Davis, who gave private lessons.  Tom learned much about lyric writing from both of these wonderful people.

             Tom dismissed the idea of being signed by a major label and instead opened his own indie label Lone Eagle Records. The first release from Lone Eagle was “Cool Smooth & Sassy” spotlighting a tenor sax session player named Joe Genovesi. Tom put 14 of his ballads on “Cool.” He pressed 1000 copies and sold 500 the first 6 months and to date has sold 1200+ CDs and is still selling CDs and downloads on www.cdbaby.com. Tom has produced and released 15 CDs on his Lone Eagle label, sold and marketed primarily through CD Baby and their digital partners.  

              In 2009 Tom was doing a radio show out of Kansas City and was asked to write and sing an arrangement of “America The Beautiful” for a special Memorial Day Show. A female restaurant owner heard Tom and called Tom and asked him to do a live show for a ladies night out at her restaurant in KC. Tom did the show and as a result he made the decision to move from producer to performer and start the 4th phase of his musical career. Tom began singing out every chance he got at restaurants, rest homes and karaoke bars. Tom’s upscale lounge style act featuring a lotta Sinatra, classic love songs and his original fare is extremely well received by all ages from 20s up.

              Tom had the honor of singing his arrangement of America at the last Memorial Day ball game ever at Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the College World Series in 2010. Tom met Chuck Pennington the keyboardist of Manheim Steam Roller fame and enlisted him to play for him on America. This opened the door for Tom and Chuck to work on 6 more songs together, 4 of which are on Tom’s latest release “Love Passionately.”

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