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As I child I had several passions but since Linda Carter got the Wonder Woman job and all the Charlie’s Angel positions were filled I was in quite a dither to select another passion! I was lucky, I had many dreams as a child and at one point or another I am pretty sure I wanted to pursue every career possible. Regardless of what the dream was, there was one consistent, overarching theme and that was to be the best at whatever it was I choose to do. I am lucky to have found two passions in life, education and music. I am currently pursuing my PhD in instructional design for online learning and hope to complete it before pigs can really fly. I may never get a chance to “officially” wear the Wonder Woman uniform or talk to Charlie over the intercom but I get to do something better. I get to make music and everyday I get a chance to truly help people.

This is my sophomore album and while it can’t make you fly it can get you singing and tapping your foot or outright dancing in public! Close the Door was recorded in Nashville and is filled with up tempo and poignant songs that everyone can relate to. I truly hope you enjoy the selections as much as I enjoyed recording them.