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VINCENT from Virginia

Artist History

VINCENT is a one man band. He composes and plays music of various genre. His most popular work is in the classical and easy listening genre. Vincent is also an artist, writer, animator and musical composer as well as video/ audio editor. His company VW Productions produces quality animated movies that are family oriented. If you go to his website you will see animated movies that he has for sale.

Vincent has a graphic art degree from Bob Jones University, a printing certificate from Danville Community College, and a certificate in Multimedia Web Design from the Art Institute of Charlotte.
Vincent was an art teacher and taught art for grades K-8 in 4 different school systems for 6 years. Vincent is single and lives in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Virginia.

Vincent has always had a big imagination and has written many stories since he was a child. He always loved music and took music lessons when he was about 8 years of age, but didn't really play much anymore until about 15 years ago. In 2002 while he was taking classes at the Art Institute Vincent began to experiment with his keyboard and audio software after becoming familiar with similar types of software he was learning at the Art Institute. At that time is when he began to compose music on his keyboard.

Also during his time at the Art Institute where he learned flash and dream weaver he began to take some of the stories he had written and started to turn them into animated movies. Vincent's story, "The Fall of Telgar" was written about 10 years ago, but was unfinished. He had already done some hand animated scenes but now he was able to use computer software to further his story and produce a better product. He had used classical music in previous animated test scenes, but now he was beginning to compose his own music for each scene.

At the Art Institute he was not only taught to use graphic and web software like dream weaver and flash, but audio and video editing techniques with Adobe Premiere. Using video cameras and video editing equipment was also part of the program. In one of his Vincent's latest projects, which he is still working on, entitled: "Beast in the Woods," he mixes live film footage with an animated character.

Vincent very much enjoys the entire creative process. Animation involves writing a story, animating the characters and scenery, voicing the characters, composing the music and editing the sound and video. Much of his music is composed with a Yamaha PSR-520 keyboard and recorded onto a cdr machine. He then takes the compact disc and saves the files on his computer to be put into an audio editing software program called Acid Music by Sound Forge. In Acid Music he can drag and drop any sound effect or alter the music any way he wants. Drum beats can be added and Vincent likes to use gong effects in certain songs.

Vincent is a Christian and is involved with his church by singing in the choir and occasionally plays his keyboard for the congregations enjoyment. Vincent very much desires to use his musical and artistic talents to serve the Lord and further the cause of Christ.

If you are interested in having Vincent play for your church please email him. Vincent would greatly appreciate a "love offering" to help him with expenses.


TUMULT is  VINCENT'S latest album!

 "Tumult" is now on sale at:  CDBABY.COM

"Tumult" album sells for $14.00

22 Beautiful Tracks! If you liked "Cascade of Emotions" then you will like "Tumult" as well. If your a big New Age and Classical fan then Vincent's music is just the right sound for your music collection.

1. Joyous Morning
2. Forest Glade Creatures
3. From the Deep
4. Lonely Road
5. Majestic
6. Tomorrow is Another Day
7. Serenade
8. The Tempest
9. After the Darkness
10. 10 Till Midnight
11. None but the Lonely Heart 12. Songbirds
13. Sunshine
14. The Clock
15. Chimes at Midnight
16. The Takeover
17. Conquest Assured
18. Regal Fanfares
19. Beautiful Morning
20. My Heart Sings
21. Springtime
22. In My Dreams



"Cascade of Emotions" is VINCENT'S first album. Just like the title of the album suggests the songs on this album reflect the title in that the tones of the songs vary from the sublime to the romantic to feelings of terror.

Since a child Vincent has used his imagination to create stories and he always had ideas of what kind of music what work well with a scene. He remembers in college about a roommate that made fun of him for listening to "predictable movie music." Little did Vincent nor his old college roommate realize that one day Vincent would tone all of his creative skills into creating music for albums as well as music for his movies. No wonder he was fascinated by "movie music." As far as movie soundtrack music goes I would say that John Williams is one of Vincent's favorite movie composers and after Williams Jerry Goldsmith. He will admit to listening and watching old movies, whether they be sci-fi or old horror or drama just to listen to the music. John Williams is a master of making the music become an integral part of the scene as if it were a "real person." Who could forget the theme from "Jaws"?

Vincent was also very influenced in his movie making by George Lucas's masterpiece "Star Wars" and Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Of course as you may or may not know John Williams composed the music for all of the above mentioned movies.

"Day is Dawning" is one of Vincent's favorite on the album. This song is very mellow and really and makes you feel good. Also "Violin Fantasy" is a very beautiful song with mellow and soft tones and filled with emotion as the sounds of the sweet violin play and feel your heart with song.

Going on the the other end of the emotional spectrum in this album you will hear two songs that bring with it feelings of dread and fear. Theme from "House of Evil" is one such song. Vincent composed this song for his short horror film, "House of Evil." The theme is very haunting yet very pretty at the same time. Dissonant sounds accompany part of the song, especially at the end to build the scene for the climatic encounter with the evil character in the movie. Also the song from the movie, "Beast in the Woods" is also another song that has mixed emotions of fear, dread and wonder. The song has the pretty underlying tones of a flute that rely the main theme while a harsh tuba and horns and gongs relay the fear of the "Beast Arising" out of the woods to terrorize the town folk. Don't forget to go to Vincent's movie page and see his videos of the aforementioned songs- I think you will like them. Please check out Vincent's album, "Cascade of Emotions" at CDBABY.COM

21 Beautiful  Tracks

1. Day is Dawning
2. Flute Fantasy
3. Violin Fantasy
4. Imagination
5. Hope
6. Theme from "House of Evil"
7. Never Alone Without You
8. Exotic
9. Beast Arises
10. Slow Latin Melody

11. Norman's Song
12. Romantic Overture
13. None Like You
14. Latin Lover
15. Lost Love
16. Strangers in Paradise
17. Latin Guitar with Sax
18. Melancholy
19. Feeling of Foreboding
20. Lullaby
21. Paradise Lost



Digital files of Vincent's music sell for. 99 cents.  Digital albums range from $5.00 to $9.99.   

To buy digital files of VINCENT'S albums please go to vincentwitcher.net

 Vincent is planning to play gigs soon.  Vincent is willing to travel 500 miles of Danville, Virginia.  Vincent will play for social events and he wants to play New Age/ Classical Concerts.  For more info and for rate info please contact Vincent at vincentwitcher.net.  


"Tumult" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 15 Apr 2008 09:11 PM
"Tumult" by Vincent is an imaginative instrumental CD that is, in a way, a conceptual album.The intent of this album is to reach into your mind and stir various emotions. The sound is worldly and yet traditional. The arrangements are definitely outside the norm. Since the CD is meant to envoke emotion, expect some romanticism, but also expect some ecclecticism. On that note, the arrangements are quite interesting, full and well-layered. Highlights are "Forest Glade Creatures, " which features an angelic harp and a very active woodwind arrangement. "The Tempest" is a wild and archaic blend of creative sounds. "The Takeover" is another big number and features some intense pipe organ and a cinematic flair. If you like John Williams with an interesting twist, you'll like this one.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
Check out Vincent's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

“Cascade of Emotions” Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 12 Feb 2008 04:16 PM
“Cascade of Emotions” by Vincent is a jam-packed CD full of new age instrumentals that explore many areas of the human experience. From tranquil to lively, romantic to horrific, the musical atmospheres developed through these tunes exude great diversity. “Exotic” represents a strong effort, radiating a very natural or native sound through the use of uncommon percussion instruments and a beautiful flute. “Slow Latin Melody” takes Vincent’s percussive and instrumental efforts to the next level, showcasing a more complex intertwining of lead and rhythm instruments. Over all, this CD delivers fresh new tracks that relax, excite, and invigorate.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team
Check out VINCENT's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

To buy Vincent's music:
POSTED BY: vwitcher POSTED ON: 20 Jan 2008 04:43 PM

If your enjoying listening to Vincent's music you can go to CDBaby.com  to buy.  Vincent's music can also be bought on  I-Tunes 

Other sites to buy Vincent's music include:  Napster, Pay Play, and his personal band site vincentwitcher.net 

Vincent is also a freelance artist, writer, animator, and audio/video editor.  Vincent's company VW Productions produces quality animated movies of various genre that are family oriented.  Check out his movies at vincentwitcher.net 

 Vincent is getting ready soon to start playing gigs.  If your interested in having him play for a social event or a New Age/ Classical concert please go to his website for more info.

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