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Vaughn Hemingway from Missouri Kansas City Independence

Artist History

It was not that long ago, in a midsize city on a brisk fall morning. That a tiny Vaughn Saunders Hemingway came into the World.

As he grew he somehow knew he was on a mission. A mission to make people laugh. To laugh at him and then laugh at themselves. To truely make people happy and set them straight in their ways.

When I was one I started to walk. When I turned two I started to talk. And play piano in the garage. When I was 5 I started Art School in Balboa Park at the Gallery for Contemporary Art. I also started school at Jack and Jill Montessori. When I was 6 I Found a bag of Money And lit my hair on fire designing houses at night by candle for light. When I was 7 I learned to Rollerskate and When I was 7 I went to summer school taking guitar I learned Tina Turner's - Roll it on the River and Jim Morrison's - Riders on the Storm. Owned my first house at age 11. I Was a paper boy. Made Tie Die Shirts, Candles, and Electronic Projects by the time I was 12. Learned how to Rex by the time I was 12. I worked at KCBQ Radio. Worked at KFMB-FM B-100 FM and learned to fly small planes. Got stopped, driving my 1964 Mustang before I had my License to drive. Started my own radiostation in my bedroom and hung huge Yamaha speakers from the ceiling and broadcasted all over the neigborhood on FM. When I was 17 I Went to work for Hamilton Avnet Pulling Chips for the San Diego Electronics Community. I had a dream about a plane crash... a 727 on fire flying over North Park. It cashed and everyone was killed. Two months later it really happenned just like the dream. It Freeked me out. And I remembered the dreams I had about California falling into the sea with a Title wave roaring accross the land. Always wanted to be a Rock Star but never had the chance, until now.

After 20 years in the studio he emerges an older man with a large collection of cross genre coldcut songs. This music is about lifes little adventures. About growing up and falling in Love and dreaming of travel in outerspace.

This is a story about a very popular guy that chased after rainbows at a time when only the music mafia decided the fate of starving artists. Promised the world on a silver platter and tattered and torn in the wind hoping the broken promises eventually come through. After realizing that nobody is going to pick him up in a limo and take him to a nearby Learjet, he finally learned to make it on his own. After years of struggling as an entrepreneur he finally makes it to the big time. First two successful businesses, and a radio show, he now finally releases his lifetime collection of amazing songs.

Listen and Enjoy. Oh yeah, Tell all your friends.



Vaughn Hemingway Blog
"Touch Me" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 16 Jul 2009 01:05 PM

Vaughn Hemingway’s compelling debut CD, “Touch Me,” finds the singer-songwriter experimenting with form and delivery in a provocative 9-song collection that is just elusive enough to defy easy description, but more than potent enough to command deeper scrutiny. Shifting between straight synth-drenched pop “Touch Me,” to lo-fi expressionism “Emma,” to sprawling, multi-dimensional scores “I Want To Be Your Angel,” and “Jerrylin,” Hemingway’s mainly synthesizer, guitar, and drums backing makes for a stylized, indie map of his musical explorations. The intensity and characteristic quality of Hemingway’s performances and unique vocals transcend mere considerations of production or audience formatting. For instance, “Bring Them Home,” is a solemn piano-based tune that feels like nothing that came before it, and yet it does not feel out of place on an album bereft of artificial boundaries. The CD “Touch Me” by Vaughn Hemingway will find ready ears with music lovers who appreciate an artist’s vision and individualism.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
Check out Vaughn Hemingway's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 01 Jul 2009 07:20 PM


  Digital transisterized televised backwards CCD TV daily more  video dumbies go insane. Music from outer space buy it.

 Recommended if you like Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Killers.

CD price: $12.00 / MP3 price: $9.00

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