Warped Angel

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Warped Angel shows diversity with their multi-flavored electronica which is groundbreaking and compelling. They easily reel the listener in with their deftly mixed and eclectic combination of electro-clash, IDM, industrial, electro, down tempo and more. It’s a sure bet you’ve never heard anything quite like this and you’re not likely to again, either. It’s a fact that Warped Angel is carving out a very unique niche in the industry. 
Emotions pour from Warped Angel’s music in a rush of power. They draw heavily from the spectrum of the human spirit and a rich assortment of vibes can be encountered in these songs. “We use the power of emotion to write the lyrics and compose the music. We are influenced by all types of music. The given mood of the given moment is often the determining factor in what sort of feel the song being composed at the time will possess” But whatever the genre or emotion, Warped Angel does a superb job of putting together smart, grabbing compositions. 
Warped Angel is a collaboration between Lisa Chambliss and Chris Chimo. Lisa writes and sings the lyrics to the songs and helps compose the music. Chris composes the music and performs it live. They have been collaborating since 2003 and performing live since 2006. They have been compared to Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, Massive Attack and Peaches.