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Woody Lissauer from Maryland Baltimore

Artist History

Ten Fngers Dancing on Steel Strings ~>

Woody Lissauer is a lifetime full-time professional who writes, composes and produces his own songs from his home of Baltimore (US) and performs them locally and internationally. He brings decades of passionate musical and literary exploration and a lifelong obsession with language(s) and aesthetic beauty to his song-craft.
Born into a musical family, Woody was infected early on by his father’s love of music in all its forms. He began playing guitar from the age of six and never stopped, with the result that the fingers on his left hand are noticeably longer. An innovative and virtuosic guitar player, he opened for Steppenwolf while still a teenager. As an adult, he toured widely throughout North America and Europe with Chrysalis Record’s Laura Hunter, A&M’s Gordon Michaels, Lifesong’s Crack the Sky, new wave pioneers Multiplex and Strangelove, US Bang (warming up for Kix and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry) ..boards with Pebbles and the Bam Bam Boys in front of 81,000 people, on bass with Maryland’s 1 country band (Alamo Band), and many other acts.

Simultaneously, Woody founded an original music project called Cubic Feet, recording with Procol Harum keyboardist Peter Solley turned producer (The Romantics, Oingo Boingo, Peter Frampton) and engineer Shelly Yakus (Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks) what would eventually be four CDs, supported by a Warner publishing deal, cracking charts with broad North American radio and video airplay.

As the owner/operator of a recording studio, Woody has produced countless young acts and also used the facility to develop an experimental approach to song building. Exploring more instruments from around the world and twisting the studio equipment to new uses, he has infused his solo CDs with his self-styled ‘Astro Folk’ sound. He brought in his sister, well known UK fiddle/banjo player Kate Lissauer and a host of unique musicians, personal friends from a life in the biz. These CDs, the eponymous debut CD and its “War and the World” companion, span a broad range of musical styles with lyrical beauty and musical form that startle reviewers, entrance new listeners and continue to mesmerize fans. Woody wins accolades as much for his vocals and wonderfully evocative lyrics as for his dazzling guitar and instrumental work. A voice of vast range described as “deeply affecting, sometimes growling, sometimes soaring”, Music Monthly declared his self-titled CD a “musical masterpiece” and characterized it as “Music You Must Hear!”

Woody’s song “Roses” has won him particularly high acclaim, leading off the Baltimore Songwriters’ Association’s juried compilation CD and winning a spot on Static Chain’s ‘Best of Baltimore’ CD.

During live performances, Woody’s love of people and off-beat sense of humor quickly grab the crowd. His personality and excitement about music fill the room as do the new show’s folk and classical guitars, banjo, dulcimer and other interesting instruments.
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