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When one thinks of what goes on in the Nashville music scene, rarely does the concept of vibey mid-tempo chillout music come to mind. But that is exactly what Ellen Tift and Kurt Goebel [aka: Worldwide Groove Corporation] are up to on their nights and weekends. Some might say they would be misplaced in the Music City, but this music production team have recently emerged as one of the few downtempo duos in town. Both members have hired out their skills at music production, programming, and arranging to others in the industry for years, but they have finally taken initiative to do something for themselves.

Worldwide Groove Corporation’s first independent musical endeavor is taking the shape of a downtempo chillout project featuring ageless jazz standards completely reinvented into a collection of modern electrolounge styles. This project combines sultry drum grooves, ambient textures, and electronica flavors with a remix approach to the smooth vocal performances. The track “Tangerine” showcases the wonderfully quirky voice of former Universal Records artist Fleming McWilliams of Fleming & John over a pseudo bossa rhythm and fun vintage organ samples. Other songs like “The Man I Love” and “My Funny Valentine”, and the title track "Fever" which includes a French rap verse, take on a more sexy mid-tempo groove, giving the listener the feeling that they’re either sipping a martini after hours in a vibey NY club, or are enjoying an evening of romance.

When Worldwide Groove Corporation are not creating these hypnotic grooves, they are kept busy with their music production work, specializing in pop music production, artist development, remixes, and string arranging. Check out their website, www.worldwidegroovecorp.com, for snippets of recent projects, and to keep up to date on the progress of their own “Chillodesiac Lounge: Fever.”
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