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XS from San Diego, CA.
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Artist History

To be in XS is to be excessive- to love more than logic allows, to dream more than reality permits and to write lyrics and sing in an aching honesty that defies ego or vanity. In short, XS is a mindset to take risks in all matters of the heart. It is a mentality that is echoed in the music of XS- a sound that borders in the area between the morning after and the rush of infatuation the night before.
Born and raised in San Diego , Angela Aguilar and Jade Fernandez were fed by a constant stream of ballads and Filipino food. "There is something in Filipino culture that is inherently musical," Jade says. "It's a way of communicating, of expressing love, of bringing people together. That's what, at the heart, our music is about as well." It's their heritage that both Jade and Angela credit for their musical sensibility- a place where a melody meets emotion, where every lyric written always hits a little too close to home. "Some of my earliest memories are of laying on the bedroom floor, staring at the ceiling listening to music. Even before I understood the emotion through experience, I met it vicariously through a song. And it's for that part of us that we still make music," Angela says. She lists the influences of XS like a list of experiences. "Sade in the dark. Sarah Vaughn on vinyl on a Sunday morning. The fearlessness and emotion of Mary J. Blige. The heart of India Arie. All of these elements have not only shaped my life as an artist, but as a person."
It's a life that stands up to the motto of "excess". When recording the debut XS album, both Angela and Jade were full time college students, working, and still managed to travel constantly to the studio, nearly 100 miles round trip. Working with producer Charles Simmons (The Game, The Family Circle) and released in 2003, the album chronicles a wide range of emotions- like a conversation between two friends on a long drive. "It sounds like that because that's essentially what it was- being in the studio was a fruition of two best friends on a constant road trip," Angela smiles. Blending Angela's sultry leads with Jade's sweet vocals, XS created a sassy, strong, and sexy sound that is all their own.
Receiving airplay throughout Europe , the XS self titled debut album garnered attention in domestic markets as well, reaching number 13 on the countdown "Twin City Beats" and a feature on "The Upper Room with Joe Kelly." XS can also add to their credits featured vocalists for artists such as R&B crooner Chaz Wesley, performances on NBC, the US Grant and the Red Lion Hanalei, the top placing contestants in the San Diego Talent Search and two of only 9 national finalists for the acclaimed vocal competition, Tawag Ng Tanghalan. With more music on the horizon, the ladies of XS look poised to break through. "We still live by the credo of excess- to still dream, work and express with more heart than is necessary."
Moderation is a fatal thing; nothing succeeds like excess." -Oscar Wilde
"Music was the lamb that made a lion out of me." - Esthero
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