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Zupe & Nichols from Pennsylvania

Artist History

If you've ever heard a person finish another's thought, you know that  

those two people are on the same wavelength.  If Nichols and Zupe are  

not twin brothers in this life, they probably were in another. They  

are certainly on the same wavelength musically.  Throughout this  

recording, the keyboard finishes or echoes the guitar player's idea  

and vice versa.  These guys are in sync and it is clear that they have  

been playing together for years.


When I first listened to this recording, I heard Jeff Beck, Joe  

Zawinul, Sting and Lyle Mays playing in a reunited Steely Dan with a  

horn section from New Orleans.  Really.  This is an album that fans  

will love and musicians will be amazed by.  This group of players is  

clearly a cut above the rest of us.  When I discovered that the drums  

are all samples and loops, I was even more impressed.  The sequencing  

and arranging of this recording is masterful. It's challenging to get  

a group of musicians this tight and it's even harder to make a machine  

sound like a group of musicians this tight!  Clearly a lot of time and  

expertise was put into this project.


Words alone cannot adequately express my feelings about this  

masterpiece.  I believe discerning listeners will connect to it  

deeply, and it's one that will be in my collection forever.


Roy Elkins

Founder & CEO

Broadjam Inc.

Zupe & Nichols Blog
“Speechless” Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 13 Feb 2008 11:56 AM
“Speechless” by Zupe & Nichols is a superb blend of jazz, rock, and blues-infused instrumental tracks. The musicianship on this album is energetic and highly accomplished. In fact, both the guitar work and the keyboard work are clearly the products of virtuosos. The rest of the band is top-notch as well, and come together to provide a very tight sound and effective groove on these complex arrangements. “Captain & Coke” is one track that hovers very high, starting off with a reggae vibe and quickly transitioning into a heavy blues sound. The electric guitar solos and piano runs on this song are phenomenal. Moreover, the title-track also stands out due to its free-flow, ever-changing nature. Listeners will not be disappointed by this collection; it is composed and performed with aptitude that many strive for. Even more enticing is its deliberate and top-quality production.Check out Zupe & Nichols's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

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