Image: band1.jpg Arms & The Woman were founded winter 2011 in Oslo by 3 parts of indiepop-outfit Amalee, 1 part mid-norwegian sweetheart and 1
part danish surf rocker. Later on we teamed up with Karl Erik...

With great warmth and enthusiasm people are invited to a rock universe with no hidden agendas and pseudo-decadence. The music is straight forward and honest with something for most ears, and offers a charming, melodic combination of new wave indie, blues and pop with occasional touches of something jazzy.

Much inspiration is drawn from the Canadian indie scene and names like Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Plants and Animals and Metric and Nordic names like The Cardigans and The
Sounds are reasonable sound-a-likes. Although we just call our music noisepop for non-beliebers.

In front is Linda Wik, who with her unique vocals conveys the message clearly and plays with the underlying arrangements.

From the soulful and subtle to the hard hitting, Arms & The Woman is an ambassador of a mixed style that makes the concert experience a varied affair that you take home with you afterwards.