Andrea Esposito

When I first met Luca Chiaraluce I immediately felt that we could start a productive collaboration. Luca and I come from totally different musical backgrounds, he is a musician as well as a sculptor, with exclusively jazz musical experience, while I have studied classical and flamenco guitar: we might say that we were at the antipodes.

Starting from that meeting a common path began, leading to deep mutual understanding, both at the personal and at the musical level. The outcomes were several professional collaboration projects, including "Eclectico" published in 2002. Today, we are giving birth to a further composing effort: "Antipodi" (“Antipodes”). 
We have created guitar-double bass duo pieces to limit any possible “contamination” that might lead us away from our common path.
I hope you will not be misled by my sole authorship of our music, Luca is an integral part of this project, not just its mere performer: his double-bass plays in total freedom, obeying solely to harmonic rules. 

In this album I play a classical guitar that I designed myself, made by Carlos Michelutti, an experienced and sensible Argentinian luthier. Luca plays an originally shaped double-bass carved by himself, that utters a unique sound.

It would be limiting to define our music as jazz music, although the majority of our pieces follow the typical jazz structure containing a theme, followed by improvisation and a finale. Our rhythmic patterns, harmonics and melodies evoke all the shades from bossanova to ethnic music, through classical music and jazz. 

I deeply believe that music should stir emotions in those who listen to it, and I hope that our album will lead you to experience all the emotions it gave us. Enjoy listening.

                                                   Andrea Esposito