Musician's FAQ's

What's included in the free account?  All artists get a free account with 15MB of space so we can review your music for possible inclusion on our GOLD Artist Radio Streams.  There is no fee for the 15MB account.  Artists who require additional space for web hosting on our site should request a quote by contacting  Artists whose music is not ranked as "GOLD" may be removed from the site at our discretion.

What features are included in my account? All artists who are accepted as GOLD artists receive a free Artist Page with band/bio information, a Music/Download Page with Hi and Lo-Fi streams, lyrics / song info, and free downloads (optional) and a Message page you can use for postings about upcoming gigs, CD release info, etc...

Can I sell CD / Song downloads?  Yes.  We offer a digital and traditional store that is linked to your artist page!  In order to sell digital downloads, we require that you send us 2 CDs and pay a setup fee of $20 to cover our costs and time for this.  You can link to the store directly from any site. Sign up today! See our CD Store Setup Page for more info.

What is my Artist Page URL and can I link directly to this page? Your unique URL will be Artist NameYou can link to this page from your existing websites.  This gives your fans a quick link to Stream your music (Hi and/or Lo-Fi) and offer free downloads (optional).

What is my CD Store Page URL?  If you setup your CD store for digital downloads, we will inform you of  your personal CD Store URL.  This will allow you to link directly to your Store from anywhere!

How do I become a GOLD Artist?  We review all uploaded songs in 3 main categories: Recording Quality, Musicianship and Overall Playability.  The best songs are included in our GOLD artist Radio streams.  Not all artists will be accepted and/or played on Radio Streams but some will be featured in our genre-specific streams.

Do you allow "Deep Linking"? For individual songs, we do not allow deep linking (accessing mp3 streaming of content from OUTSIDE  However, artists featured on our front-page usually get an exclusive custom radio stream.  This is a limited-time custom stream used for promoting 1 specific artists' music.  This stream can be accessed from outside for your (and our) promotional use.

How will you promote my music? Well, let me start by saying we strive to avoid the most common problem with virtually every other Independent Artist Site on the web: NO ONE CAN FIND YOUR MUSIC!  We are a listener-friendly site, focusing on innovative ways to make it easy for the average listener to find great music that meets their preferences.  Some of the tools we use to showcase your music include:
    Big-Name Artist Links to your music
    E-Mail Promotions to your fans with inline links that directly stream your songs and link to your download store!
On-Line CD Release Promotions for digital CD sales to your fan club!
Radio time on our All-Artist Radio and other promotional streams
    Eligible for GOLD Artist Radio Streams
Stream your music (Hi and/or Lo-Fi) and offer free downloads (optional)
    Many more features coming soon

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