» To Be Loved

To Be Loved

It pays you to love me
It costs you to love me
A trainwreck of angels and lye
I push you to panic
I offer you solace
The wonder is that you still try

You slay me, you save me
A ruthless beloved
Provoking the tears that you dry
An anchor, a catapult
In the same dress
Renders me helpless to lie

Is this how its done
Is this how we run
Whats less romantic than love
The peace, the unrest
Of course we are blessed
Some days it just hurts to be loved
To be loved

Can I hear my own refrain
Love is real, at times insane
Sets you free to wear a chain
All the joy and all the pain

You are here to wake me
You come to take me
Away from my greeting card life
Now it comes clear to me
The source of our agony
Love is the name of our strife