» Where the River Goes

Wonder, full of wonder
How the river knows the way
How the water longs to take you to the banks of each new day

Your hearts desire, empty
Next to what the river knows
If only you would learn to trust where the river goes

So thrash the water with your will
Cling to shorelines, fearful still
But the invitations yours to just let go

Before you swim the river
There is something you should know
Youll be dashed and broken sometimes in the rapid flow

The river means to polish you
To make you something more
To shape you into someone that youve never met before

So spin in eddies of your will
Damn the water, fighting still
But the invitations yours to just let go

Wonder, full of wonder
Let the river flow today
Life is so much better now that Im out of the way

Is it hard to swim the river
Thats what people want to know
Only if youre swimming where the river doesnt go