» You and Casper

You have a lot in common with Casper
You are both really well drawn cartoons
Your animation is complete illusion
Each frame is still, you only seem to move

Neither of you is content with graveyards
You both insist on always haunting me
But one thing does distinguish you from Casper
The difference is that Casper is friendly

Boo, heres a news flash
You dont like me at all
I say, Boo, its a clear glass just waiting to fall
Hope you understand, I dont talk to walls

I imagine that you see yourself as subtle
A cheerful Buddha with a surgeons knife
But just like Casper, I can see right through you
A disembodied echo of real life

Can you be the only living, breathing person
Who cant smell your baking bread hostility
If youve managed to convince yourself you love me
Then you are even more dangerous to me


You have a lot in common with Casper