» Little Boy

Little boy, I hear you calling
And Im hoping to find you
Little boy, youre so alone and angry
Because no ones there for you
Little boy, you hide your needs and fears from me
Because Im ashamed of you
I cannot let them see that you live in me
Your pleas simply must be stilled
But you, little boy, you keep on calling
Because you believe in me

Little boy, you drove your daddy crazy
With your curiosity
Little boy, no one came to save you
When his rage crushed your spontaneity
Little boy, I sacrificed my love for you
To learn to be and feel properly
I learned to live as if you were a shameful part of me
Preferred the mask of grandiosity
But without you, little boy, my life is empty
So you keep on haunting me

Live, little boy, live, I will try to love you now
Teach me little boy, teach me, to heal my wounded soul
Be, little boy, be, be a child, be yourself, be free
I will give to you the love I want for me
In loving you I help myself to be

My little boy, he waited patiently
For years until I heard his cries to me
My little boy, I denied him
But he kept on loving me faithfully
My little boy learned that our survival
Demands not betraying our reality
He knows me well, yes, he can always tell
When I lie about his needs and gifts and dreams
Were old friends, you see this child and I
The little boy I sing to lives in me
The little boy I reach for once was me
God says the little boy deserves to be