» That Kind of Girl

Youre the kind of girl that I dont want to meet
You come down from the city lights and stand there looking sweet
And then I feel the heat
And sure enough, we meet

Youre the kind of girl that I dont want to know
We talk a little while, and then you love me so
But you dont even know
The man that you love so

Come, lets talk a while
Maybe well be friends
Like hell we will
We both know why were leaning on this fence
Youre the kind of girl that turns me upside down
You offer me what takes from me
Youre that kind of girl

I dont know who we think were fooling girl
Its no good, I read you like a book
Were not safe, were negotiating terms
Excuse me please Ive got this lesson learned

Yours is the kind of love that I dont want to take
Because theres no way an honest man can have and eat his cake
Find a holly stake
And drive it through the ache

Youre the kind of girl that makes me lose my way
You pout at me and then I set my heart upon a tray
Your eyes tell me to stay
Our feelings join the fray

(c)1999 Music and Lyrics by Steven Kalas