» Last Dance

Please lets keep dancing
Just for a little while more
On your kitchen floor
Its a fine ballroom
Ive never felt this way before
You see Ive waited several lifetimes
To ask you for this dance
And more than once Ive wondered
If Id ever have the chance
And now at last Ive found you
But Ive found you standing with another man

And when I die Im gonna ask the Lord
Why we should ever have to choose
Between the holiness of passion
And the holiness of rules
Its just not fair to ask of someone
A choice that must divide the soul
How does truth compete with virtue
When it comes our time to go

Please lets stop dancing
Before I cannot let you go
(How will I let you go)
The neighbors will be glancing
You cant afford to cause a show
I see but two roads here before us
And both are filled with pain
I wont make you go with me
But you must hear me say
Youll never be this certain
Of anything youll ever feel again