» Born to Love You

Theres one thing for sure, I dont know a lot about the future
Anonymity or fame or some ol slice of white bread in between
Only one thing for sure has destiny been kind enough to show me
Its that win or lose, live or die I was born to love you

Here inside my mind, friends and enemies both implore me
Am I worth a damn, will I do the things I came to do
But destiny is sweet to me, she lights at least one path for me
Whatever more, rich or poor I was born to love you

My heroes in life all had a calling
A mission to change the world
But my holy grail, I find this morning
Waking up next to this girl
Im called to love this girl

Theres one thing for sure, a crystal ball sure makes a lousy compass
A guard at Buckingham, a muted tour guide who just stares at me
But Im a lucky man for in my hand I find another kind of compass
Lose my way, night or day I set my course to love you
Let the heroes change the world I was born to love you
I was born to love you