» Can't Be Heaven

Footballs, baseballs, basketballs
Two little boys and their toys
Played each game until the bitter end
Oh, start a league and make-believe
That was Paul and Steve
Turns out they became the best of friends
An only once-per-lifetime sort of friends

Steve grew up and found the Lord
Paul grew up, was mostly bored
All he found was questions without answers
Friends and family tried to push
Paul held out for a burning bush
These two friends gave life two different answers
Paul would doubt and Steven would romance her

They laughed and loved and cried, grew old and died
They laughed and loved and cried, grew old and died
Thanked two women for their children
Drank of life like bawdy wine
And thensurprisethey just grew old and died

Steve arrived at heavens gate
Looked around, could hardly wait
To find old Paul and say, I told you so.
Went to the angel concierge
Said, Ive been up and down the stairs
Can you help me find my boyhood friend named Paul?
The angel pushed a button on the wall

A window opened up and then
Steven looked and saw his friend
Wandering alone outside the wall
The angel said, Lets celebrate
Pauls made his bed, but you got saved
Come enjoy the rich rewards of faith
Come with me, Ill show you round the place

Steven stood and blinked his eyes
Choked his words, apologized
Said, Angel, this aint personal at all
This place is dear; I like to hear
Your friends sing in the hall
But for me it cant be heaven without Paul
Well be outside playing basketball
Please call me if you change your mind bout Paul

2005 Music and Lyrics by Steven Kalas (BMI)