» Something to Say


I have something to say to you
I wish it was more fun to say
I have searched for alternatives
Some other way to explain

This empty space, this tortured place
The rending of my broken heart
You cant know how it kills me to say
That I dont respect you any more

All of my friends are blind and lame
Pretty much just like me
Its not the flaws that turn me away
Its what you pretend to be

Faithful and good, misunderstood
The keeper of Jesus dreams
Even if what you think is right
I dont respect you anymore

No I dont respect you any more I find
I dont have the time to spend with folks
Who smile and not and talk to me like my brain is broke
Perhaps a good boy would go along
And sing beloved pretending songs

I have something to say to you
I bet I dont get to first base
I predict the next thing youll do
Is whatever helps you save face

Questions like mine are surely a sign
That you walk the one true way
Do what you want, say what you will
I dont respect you any more

2002 Music and Lyrics by Steven Kalas (BMI)