» Dreams and Feathers

Soft on the breeze flies a feather
And the little boy gives chase on little feet
Just like my dreams is the feather
Floating slowly just beyond my reach
Yet reaching has so many things to teach

And I've reached for so many dreams it seems
That dance and laugh just ahead of me
And after a while the temptation comes
To let those dreams just fly by
So you sit with what you know
And call it life
Such a tiny life

Something happens to a man who wakes up
And reaches for a dream he's got no chance of catching
His soul, it stretches as he leaps the hedges
Of the tiny yard that he calls home
And though he may never catch the dancing feather
It will lead him to other dreams he's never dreamed before
A brand new place
The gift of the dream is the chase

Out of breath the little boy comes running
Back from his adventures in the wind
He dared to chase his dreams and now he's humming
His smile leads his face to where I stand
I'll be damned he's got a feather in his hand

2002 Music and Lyrics by Steven Kalas (BMI)