» The Cat Song

The cat curled up on the bedroom sheets, lying next to you
He’s all shagged out from a day of work doing the things cats do
He purrs to himself as he dreams cat dreams, his breath comes soft and deep
His belly’s full of crunchy cat food so he drifts right off to sleep

And he dreams of being with you all the days of his life
And he knows his place of safety is found as he stays right by your side

He doesn’t stray very far from you, he trusts the love you give
He never wonders if the neighbors porch would be a better place to live
He doesn’t ponder much philosophy, his mind he doesn’t haunt
Today he chooses faithfulness, you’re the one he wants

Why am I so frightened
How hard can it be
I can’t afford the luxury
Of pause for guarantee
She’ll not give that to me
I’ve only to believe

I must admit I’ve got a lot to learn from this feline friend of mine
He just kicks back and enjoys the time with his lady love so fine
Can you teach me tabby how you trust her so to care about your needs
I mean if cat food is your big concern, it is my soul she feeds

And I dream of being with her all the days of my life
And I know my place of safety will always be right here by her side

The cat curled up on the bedroom sheets, lying next to you
Excuse me cat but it’s time you return to doing the things cats do
Scoot along, live your life, I’ve heard you’ve eight or nine
Forgive me friend but I must insist that place your in is mine

© 2004 Music and Lyrics by Steven Kalas (BMI)