» Live As If

See my list of all the reasons to quit
Not smooth enough, tough enough, inferior fit
And all the voices saying why dont you just step aside
How dare you dare to reach so high, theyre asking for my suicide
Always one hand open, the other a fist
I guess Ill have to live as if
See me tearing up my list

See my beloved and me in a bitter rift
Trying to remember why this love is such a gift
I want to fly away and find me something easier
I dont feel much in love right now; what did I ever see in her
What do we hold on to while we search for what we missed
I guess well have to live as if
I think were called to live as if

As if it matters that we live
As if it matters when we love
As if it matters ...
When we offer something beautiful
Stand against some ugliness
Endure the days of emptiness
We can live as if were loved

Absurdity, anomaly, a sand that always shifts
All the evidence says life is meaningless
Ive tried to face reality, to live my life the way life is
So now Ive seen reality but Im not sure how real it is
Im left with this bit of foolishness
I prefer to live as if
I will try to live as if

Cello arrangement: Scott Ramer
Vocal arrangement: Kirsten Keilty/Temple Hall
Percussion: Dave Romero

Produced by Stacy Henry & Steven Kalas
(c) 2005 Music and Lyrics Steven Kalas (BMI)