» Move Like Water

Can you move like water through this game of hide and seek
Or would you rather be the man who's found but cannot speak

Impersonating icebergs is a lame excuse for love
There's more of you beneath the water than there is above

And you drift in currents
So glad to waste your time
Is it time to stir it
To eat the lemon rind

So fill your pants with ants and sand
Wear your watch on the other hand
Place a penny on the railroad track
Move some place where you can't go back
I don't want to see you here again

You reach out through the window
To take the ring of brass
But you have closed the window
All you taste is glass

I met your friend Inertia, a perverted circus clown
And as your dreams desert you, he will buy another round

2002 Music and Lyrics by Steven Kalas