» Follow the Money


Through the bulk of history, it remains a mystery

Just who has their fingers on the buttons of society

A hand full of people control the wealth

Trickin' other people into service to themselves

But the world is wakin' up, things are shakin' up

The internet is making it much harder to be fakin' it

You want to know what's happening behind the scenes?

All you got to do is follow the green

Working all day blindly to support the war economy

While false flag operations turn our friends into our enemies

If you like it like this, well raise your hand

But if you don't, there is one way to understand


Follow where the money goes

Follow where the money goes

Follow where the money goes

Follow the money


A small group of people meets occasionally in secrecy

Plotting out, planning for a new global economy

You'd think millions of people would have a say

But why start now, when it has never been that way?

We don't think to ask 'What's going on?'

'Cause if we did I wouldn't need to be singing you this song

Reality shows lull us into sleepyland

While the crazy people carry out their sinister plans

We have the technology to give the world free energy

And cures for most diseases now afflicting all humanity

Where are they now? It remains to be seen...

If you really want to know, you've got to follow the green


Economic hit men, takin' out the good men

Screw The Constitution, and let's make more pollution

Well, now, if you want a new reality

Stand up with me and raise your hand, stand up for your democracy

Raise your hand, don't bow down to corporatocracy

Raise your hand, in support of your community

Raise your hand, if you want a new reality

The concept of unity starts in your community

We don't need big banks, Brother, all we need is you and me

Most of what we need is in our neighborhood

When we get to know each other, we can share the Good

Instead of shipping products accross the sea

While the farmer up the street could feed a million man army

We order all our trinkets from the China coast

And while in trillions in debt, we continue to boast

The solution's right here, let's use our heads

Pull ourselves together with a common thread

We've done it before, we can do it again

But it's time to pay attention and follow the green