» The Big Fight


The Big Fight (c) Steve Adams

When God challenged Darwin to meet in the ring,

The media went mad; the hype-fest kicked in.

Philosophers dined on predictive sound bites.

Churches took bets and stayed open all night,


Touts dressed as angels and took to the streets,

Where daughters were sold to secure the last seats.

Converted were preached to; perverted got hard.

World leaders built rockets and fled to the stars.


For this was the big one, the ultimate fight,

The definingest statement since “Let there be light”.

Yes when God challenged Darwin to meet in the ring,

It was faith versus thought and Yang versus Yin.


The venue was set; the date was agreed.

The world watched, breath-bated on wide-screen TV.

God entered the ring, leotarded and chic,

While Darwin (the joker) wore only a leaf.


God shot a crafty left hook to the ribs,

Shaking Darwin so badly his leaf came adrift.

“I made that?”  God sniggered. “No, no, it evolved!”

Darwin retorted, regaining resolve.


“As this did,” he quipped, whilst directing a punch,

Which sank into God’s teeth with an almighty crunch.

Yes when God challenged Darwin to meet in the ring,

The Fat Lady gargled, preparing to sing.


Bout followed bout as the punches were piled,

Each combatant’s background dictating his style.

Darwin used logic and scientist’s skills,

Researching for weak spots - then in for the kill.


While God, if you'll pardon my use of cliché,

Just moved round the ring in mysterious ways.

So who was the champion? Yes, well may you ask;

Here's where I get coy, lest I'm taken to task


By some militant atheist sociopath

Or some Fatwa-crazed splinter-group of Hezbollah.

So, when God challenged Darwin, who left with the prize?

I'm no Salman Rushdie  –  YOU  decide.