» Seance


Séance          (C) Steve Adams


Are you there Sigmund Freud? Can you help me? I think I'm insane.

If I listed my symptoms the Friends of the Earth would complain.

I'd use up so much paper not one tree in this world would remain.

Are you there Sigmund Freud? before Greenpeace lays siege to my brain.


I'm laid back on the couch with this medium, at least that's what she said,

And she swears she can reach you, so please just take five from the dead.

Have you so long passed on you forgot how to fix a sick head?

Are you there, Sigmund Freud? Or else send down Piaget instead.


You see the woman I love won't even look me in the feet.

I am nothing to her though I live for her every heartbeat.

I feel as mixed up and about as much use as a eunuch on heat.

Are you there Sigmund Freud, aren't you listening? (Expletive delete).


Now the medium says "Maybe the vibes just aren't right for tonight.

I can't seem to get through, here's my bill anyway cause I tried."

Have you got hang-ups up there of your own that you’re anxious to hide?

Or like everyone else, don't you care, Sigmund Freud?