» I Need You


I need you                             (c) Steve Adams

Like a desert needs the rain to make it bloom and live again

I need you

Like a cuckoo needs the spring to wake it up and make it sing

I need you

Like a forest needs the sun, to keep it making oxygen

So I need you close to me, to show me who I ought to be

You took this shadow of a man and made him into what I am,

You’re the reason I exist; it all rests upon your kiss

I need you


No Romeo could ever need his Juliet as deeply as

I need you

Anthony and Cleopatra never yearned so badly as

I need you

Rochester and his Jane Eyre, what they felt just can’t compare

Lancelot and Guinevere - never even did come near

To what I feel for you tonight, you have set my heart alight

I hunger for your tender touch; it scares me just to think how much

I need you


Even when we’re far apart, I sense your presence, hear your heart

I feel you

Like that scene in Avatar, set upon a distant star

I see you

I hang on every breath you take, ignore your failings and mistakes

You say I ask too much of you, but isn’t that what lovers do?

Don’t tell me it’ll be alright; it’ll never be alright

Without you I won’t last a day, - I swear I’ll change, just say you'll stay

I need you