» Color Blue


Hello color blue

I love to look at you

The sky is blue

So I like to look at it

I wish my grass was blue

I wish my bathtub was blue

Everything is blue

Just like your eyes are too

Give me the color blue

Let me soak in you

I love the color blue

But don't give me orange

Blue oh yea

Just blue and nothing esle

Let those blue lights shine

Shine on me while it's night

I want to wake up to the sun

Guess what color I want it to be?

Yea that's blue

Oh blue is the color

The color that I like

I want you to know that my favorite color is blue

I bet you can guess that by now

Just give a blue color

Anything blue

Your face your stomach

Your behind your hair

Make it blue I don't care

I love the color blue

Oh blue but not red or green

Just give me a blue ooh

I love the color blue

Yea blue that's for me