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d2925elli from California
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Producer/composer/ songwriter/ artist Denise M. Richards is a soulful singer who's voice is unique and captivating. Denise has been singing since she was ten years of age, and made her performing debut on the (TTT) Trinidad and Tobago Television show Twelve and Under hosted by Hazel Ward. She has performed at Queen's Hall, in her native island Port of Spain, Trinidad. In NYC she attended P.S. 190 in Brooklyn,George Gershwin Jr. High, Canarsie High and Hunter College in Manhattan. She was always auditioning for acting parts in Musicals, but singing has always been her forte. Denise has studied performing arts at the New Muse Workshop in Brooklyn NY, under the direction of Muriel Winston and Reggie Workman, and at Hunter College in NYC she studied Drama. In Oakland, California she also studied Improv. under the direction of instructor Lew Levenson, vocal technique with instructor Lucy Kitchens at Laney College, and piano with instructor Ed Kelly whom she has also performed with in his jazz band. Denise has (over the years) performed with many artist and bands such as Carlos Santana, Al Green, The Caribbean AllStars, Gregory Bledso and The Source of Light Band and the band Calabash to name a few. She sings in Churches, and has a special love for Praise songs. She believes that "as an artist she is free to express herself in as many genre as her creativity will explore and share with others in music and song" and she clearly demonstrates that by the songs and music she has already produced. Denise is a natural born singer, who's melodic vocal flow is just simply amazing and touches your heart.

In her first album "Music On My Mind" she takes us on a musical journey where she is featured playing the synthesizer. On her new single " It's All or Nothing at All" she is awesome, singing like a true songstress, This song is one of many being released from her upcoming CD " This Is the Love". Her new single splashes accross the music scene with the sound that is totally captivating, truly the ultra sound. All songs on her new album are written/composed and performed by Denise, and all the accompanying music is written/composed and performed by musician Garvey Maynard - Mr.G.Cutty Productions. The new sound that has arrived on the music scene from Denise M. Richards and Mr.G.Cutty Productions is all encompassing and fantastic to the ear, it simply leaves you wanting more.

Aqua Sonic Records


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