» A Thousand Songs


A Thousand Songs

Copyright Ric Seaberg 2005


The roof it needs a mendin’, and we need an outside light

Refrigerator’s empty, and someone needs a bike

Oh I’d love to go to Costco, load up a couple carts

But that ain’ gonna happen, until my song goes up the charts



Oh life would be so simple, life would be sublime

If I could only pay my bills on time

I’d pay off all my credit cards, then I’d be in the hunt

If I could sell a thousand songs on iTunes every month


Our dogs they need a groomin’, cuz they’re a special kinda dog

And I need a new computer, for keepin’ up my blog

There’s shirts and socks and hats t’buy, and charcoal for the grill

And if that doesn’t break the bank, well then the burger prob’ly will!




So folks, sign on and navigate, and don’t be cheap or shy

Find my songs on iTunes, and Click on BUY!


There’s water bills and l’ectric bills, and gas is gonna climb

There’s a Starbucks on the corner, where I  spend a lot of time

There’s a website and guitar strings, there’s CD blanks and picks

But all these things could be resolved with a modicum of clicks


Last Chorus

Oh life would be so simple, life would be so fine