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TOP JOHNNY! is redefining New Classic Rock & Melodic Hard Rock with it's signature sound and high-energy live performances. Their music fuses diverse genres such as Pop, Metal, Rap and Alt Rock combining them to create intense songs with catchy hooks, huge guitar riffs, pile-driving rock beats and anthemic, sing-along choruses. The result? An electrifying combination that the band hopes will “give the people what they want”. Even Canadian Rock Diva, Alannah Myles described their music as "Fantastic, rocking, fun, powerfully sung and produced! Great work!!"

The band released “Kick It!”, their debut 7 song EP in November 2005 (mastered by Bryan Martin) and their full-length, hard-driving, self-titled album "Top Johnny!” in December 2008 (mixed & mastered by Glen Robinson).

TOP JOHNNY! is constantly striving to give their audiences more than they expect with a slick, refined image, charismatic stage presence and a dynamic live show that succeeds in exciting even the most discriminating rock fan. The band’s primary objective is to stimulate and engage their audiences with unique, high quality original songs but they are also ready for any performance scenario boasting a large repertoire of hit cover songs spanning over 30 years of new, modern, classic and alternative rock. First and foremost however, TOP JOHNNY! wants to be defined by their live shows. A TOP JOHNNY! concert is not to be missed, epitomizing pure energy and spontaneity with TJ Star regularly venturing out into the crowd to play his wailing guitar solos to get up close and personal with his fans. Band members are also all accomplished musicians often switching instruments in mid show to surprise their audiences.

Formed in 2005, TOP JOHNNY! has gone on to receive rave reviews for their immense wall of sound which features songwriter TJ Star's powerful vocals and searing guitar, sexy hard-driving bassist and back vocalist Karo, drummer Hitman anchoring the rock solid rhythm section, and young guitar virtuoso Izzy Slater adding yet another layer of magic to the band's monumental sound. The band has opened up for well-known bands like Helix and won the coveted Judges’ Best Of Show award at the 2007 Emergenza Canadian Finals with Izzy Slater also taking the Best Guitarist award and Hitman getting the 2nd Best Drummer award.

TOP JOHNNY! is produced by StarBrite Productions, Montreal, Canada and is the brainchild of triple-threat (composer, performer and co-producer) TJ Star and his long time collaborator, Executive-Producer and Band Manager Mr. Positive(+).
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