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LOS from Texas Austin

Artist History

Why LOS? Perhaps a better question would be why not? Los is a lyricist who reiterates his words with equally amazing Saxophone solos and self made beats. The rap circuit is becoming more like a rap circus. LOS, meaning “The One,” is a unique flavor untapped in today’s mainstream of money, jewels, and commerciality.

“Now it's 2...011 and LOS is back breathing confidence and maturity deep into the microphone, surrounded by thick bass bumps and infectious beats. It's excellent to hear LOS killing the mic again. This man kills forever.” – Simeon Hendrix

LOS is currently undergoing reform. He is diligently working in the studio recording fresh music, and continuing to create new fan bases daily. LOS currently promotes heavily in the streets, Clubs in Austin TX (Including 6th St, Warehouse District, and East Side), Youtube, and Facebook. Passing out free sampler discs, business cards, flyers, word of mouth, and internet promotions has helped gain great exposure that is expanding rapidly. His influences are the same today as they were nearly 20 years ago, including artists Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Bone, Juvenile, and Z-ro.

Not getting caught up with the mainstream market has helped LOS keep his originality. Never deterring from his aspirations, he continues to walk the same streets as the people he connects with. “Not everybody is pouring thousand dollar champagne on the floor, or draped with rented jewelry,” says LOS, “My people smoke Newports, buy bagged cereal, and live the real struggles of life.” Reaching out to the public and letting them know he is a part of that struggle connects him with fans, fans that have life experience. LOS gives listeners a voice, and a comfort knowing they aren’t alone. Word mastery is only a part of the journey, the half most artists are missing is the reality. Whether it be street anthems such as “Doubtin’ Me,” or emotional woes such as “Angel Eyes” (winning song of the year at Austin’s Community College for songwriting) LOS captures his audience laying a silk webbing to trap their subconscious.

Born in Wichita Falls TX and having traveled the world, including living outside NY in the Poconos, in VA, and California LOS understands the way of life in all three coasts. “I wasn’t born in the street, but I did choose to make that a home, I believed at a time without that I couldn’t connect with the demographic. I now understand fully what artists like Master P meant in their tales of drugs and violence, not to glorify but to connect with the others in similar situations. I have learned many lessons and in doing so, have a means to hopefully help keep others from making the same mistakes.” – LOS

LOS is ever evolving; taking the steps necessary to gain the listeners confidence, respect, and loyalty. Expect great things musically and personally from this man as the Omen has finally arrived.

For more information and Contact Info

Youtube.com/TexasTags - Facebook.com/WheresLOS


LOS Blog
POSTED BY: LOS POSTED ON: 17 Aug 2011 01:26 PM

Yero!!! What up ya'll? I appreciate the love and interest, appreciate the hate too if ya got it ;)  I haven't been on readio indy since 2006 and I'm back n ready to get it crackin again!! Expect bigger and better when it comes to LOS!!!!

Thanks again for the support and go like the interview in
                                              WWS Magazine!!


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