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La Femme NIKITA from Texas

Artist History

Born in Texarkana, Texas Natasha Walton had a natural love for music. Coming from a loving and very spiritual family, singing for the good Lord always came first. Natasha had been singing solos in church, performing in talent shows and writing her own songs since the age of 7. It wasn't until she relocated to East Orange, New Jersey, she got a taste of the inner city street life. At the age of 13 Natasha started rapping, thus her alter ego NIKITA was born. Moving to the East Coast was a major culture shock, and a huge transition for her, but she adapted quickly. Even though the East Coast was a big influence on her in terms of art and style, she still carries a respectable amount of southern hospitality which allows her to remain humble through it all. To learn more about Natasha Walton nom de code: NIKITA, log on to www.sherecordings.com!
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