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Artist History

With a little Seether mixed with a pinch of Audioslave, Demagogue was born in 2005 as guitar player Matt Sebastian of Fannett met drummer Grady Saxman of Anahuac and the two got together for several jam sessions. The two decided it was time to form a rock band and searched the area and found guitarist Billy Wills of Nederland and singer/songwriter Paul Noyola of Jasper. Sebastian then took the role of bass player and Demagogue was born.

And what does Demagogue mean? Webster defines it as a leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace and/or a leader of the common people in ancient times. The band has struck a chord with the local rock fans of Southeast Texas as Demagogue set an attendance record for a local group at Antone’s on June 17 with 430 fans attending the show. “We love playing live shows,” said Sebastian. “We pride ourselves (on) the live show.”

The group released an EP, “Passage To Repute,” and plan to return to the studio this fall to record their first full-length album.
Credits:Chad Cooper, The Examiner, 07/06
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