» Don't Tell Me Goodbye


Tell me I was wrong
(you can) Look me in the eye
(and) Tell me I'm to blame
(and) how I need to change
(But) don't tell me goodbye

Tell me how I failed
(And) tell me what to do
Tell me it's a crime
(And) all the fault is mine
(But) don't tell me we're through

You can tell me what we built was broken
Carelessly and it all was me
You can beat me with the words I've spoken and I'll take it willingly

Tell me how you hurt
(And) all the reasons why
Tell me in advance
(I) don't deserve a chance
But don't tell me goodbye

Tell me not to speak
That nothing I could say
Could make up or explain
Or ever heal the pain
But don't say there's no way

Tell me just how long
I will have to try
To show you I'm sincere
Tell me that it's years
But don't tell me goodbye

You can tell me there's a million reasons
You believe that it's time to leave
Tell me it could be a million seasons and I'll hold on patiently

Tell me what you need
Just Tell me and I'll try
Tell me you're unsure, my promise will endure
But don't tell me goodbye

Never loved anybody like you
In my whole life, my whole life
I can see I've got so much to do
To make it all right

Tell me I was cruel
And how I made you cry
Say it might be years until I've dried those tears
But don't tell me goodbye
Say you'll wait and see if there's a "you & me"
But don't tell me goodbye
Tell me you're not sure you love me anymore
But don't tell me goodbye

Song by John Batdorf, BatMac Music / BMI
Michael McLean, Shining Star Music/ASCAP
©2009 All Rights Reserved