» All for You (Song from An Unknown Soldier)

All for You ALL FOR YOU (Song from an unknown soldier) was started with a little guitar riff and I kept singing Come to think of it not really knowing where the song was going but the phrase seemed to work. As I watched the news each day and heard the reports from Iraq, I have a different perspective now that I have twenty year old twin boys. There is not a draft anymore, but thank God there are people with the same intense passion about serving their country as I do about creating music and the idea was born. This song needed to be a patriotic song about the people who choose to serve their country. Michael heard the structure of the song with melody, chords and limited lyrics and he was very moved. He asked me, What does this need to be about?, and I shared my thoughts. This is where the genius of Michael McLean begins. He drove to a remote area near the beach and spent several emotional hours crafting a lyric that would convey our thoughts. The song was crafted using the perspective of a soldier who knew he was in a battle that he probably would not survive. The songs lyrics are what that soldier was thinking about with his life on the line. Michael emailed the first draft and I was very moved . We refined everything in the next few days and I feel it is our finest moment as songwriters.