» All for You (Song from An Unknown Soldier)

All For You Come to think of it.. Id have chosen some other way Come to think of it.. I was hoping for one more day And something is slipping away, I cant hold on to I dont pretend I'm brave But everything I gave I gave for you Tried to rescue you Tried to see you through What you could not do Gave it all for you Come to think of it... Im not sure that you asked for this And the price Ive paid...I dont believe that this was your wish My gift is not mine alone, My family gives too Those who cry for me and said goodbye to me Shed a tear or two And hope when you are free Youll think of them and me With gratitude For what we gave to you Some say you wont But I have faith and believe Ours is a gift youll truly receive Come to think of it .. Theres no flag at half staff today Come to think of it .. You dont know how I died today What Ive done, others have done When love asked them to We gave all we could Cause we believed you should Be free to choose And did it cause we cared Thats why we came and dared To die for you Its why I died for you ... Its why I died for you We gave it all for you John Batdorf and Michael McLean 2005