» It's Not Love

Its Not Love

Hes counting the hours until he sees her face again
Three hours is a million years, he just cant wait 'til then
Last night was electric, she knocked him off his feet
Hes been down this road before, he knows this side of the street,
With all of his heart he believes that its love,
But somehow, he oughta see

Its not love.... 'til its been through a storm
Its not love..... 'til its died and reborn
Its not love..... 'til it comes to an end
And still you have faith, to try once again, 'til then.....Its Not Love

Its over and done before he knows what broke his heart
Youd think hed have learned by now I guess hes not that smart
Somebody who loved him much more than he ever knew
Kept trying to tell him but it never did get through
What he keeps on telling himself is love, is really something else

1st Chorus..........

Its not love..Just because it feels right
Its not love...until youve sacrificed
Its not love...til its over and then
You both find the strength to try once again 'til then ...Its Not Love

Its not love, he should know
Somethin bout love, she told him long ago

Its not love...until weve healed the hurt
Its not love...til we both make it work
Its not love... til weve seen all the flaws
Its not love...til weve given our all
Its not love..what we have you and me
Its not love ..but I want it to be

John Batdorf/Michael McLean 2005 All Rights Reserved