» Me And You


Two nights..One dream..Two days..with one awakening
Two minds....... learn something new
Theres just one, Me & You

Two hearts.....One beat..To try...To make someone complete
Two think....One thought is true
Theres just one, Me & You

Never thought that life was adding up to much
Traveling the solitary path
I was so divided til I felt your touch
And then I learned loves new math

Two sing..One song..Two find..One place where they belong
Two see.....One awesome view
Where theres just one............ Me & You

Some things are forever, some are tried and true
Some things just define how it should be
Some things never change like one and one are two
And theres just one you and me

Two flowers..One vase.. Two lives..lived as one because
Two souls......know one things true
Theres just one....... Me & You

More than all the stars, in skies above
We can count the ways that we can count upon our love
No one would ever feel down
If they had what we have found

Two words..describe..One heart..that no one can divide
Two words defining love thats true
Those words.............. Me & You

Two smiles..One laugh
Two feel..they found their other half
Two night..One love shines through
Theres just one Me & You
Oh theres just .........One Me & You

Song By John Batdorf/Michael McLean
BatMac Music/BMI.... Shining Star Music/ASCAP
2006 All Rights Reserved