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Bam Bam from Venice Beach, CA

Artist History

THE QUEEN OF POP-REGGAE: raised in England, Bam Bam (Princess Bam Bam) a natural artist, studied oil painting at Goldsmith's College in London where she thrived on England's historical vibes and ancient mythology. She soon discovered her true musical roots in the smoky caverns of London's underground Ska and Reggae culture clubs. Recognizing the significance of Reggae music, she started to write songs and hang out with Jamaican musicians. One of whom was Jon Cornelius of Ras kidus Roots Connection. They worked together promoting Reggae shows and recording original material. Soon she had recorded enough material to release her first CD. She coined the expression "Pop Reggae", descriptive of her upbeat, 'rootsy' English style. Her songs carry strong, positive messages buoyed along by da rockin' Reggae riddums...Give thanks and praises to the Almighty JAH!...Rastafari

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