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Dead End Armory from Portland, Maine

Artist History

Descending into Portland, Maine in the fall of 2005, Dead End Armory has quickly established themselves as a serious creative force in the Northeast Indie music scene. With the ingenuity and diversity of Built To Spill, Dead End Armory encompasses what every music listener wants – driving rhythms, moving melodies and enchanting lyrics. Using subtle rhythm shifts and tempo progressions to keep the music interesting, the band manages to bring a pop-like coherence to the sound with powerful lyricism and backing vocals.

Drawing on an amazingly diverse range of influences, Dead End Armory crafts songs that are haunting and raw, simple and powerful. Lead singer John Wesley Hartley’s surreal poetics, delivered in an edgy, Neil Young-like voice, are as open to interpretation as one’s description of the clouds...

Quite simply, Dead End Armory is great rock music, fun to listen to, engaging to watch.
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