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Starcode from New_York

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The mix of influences and the raw musical delivery of each member of Starcode comes together on HUM delivering High Energy Hooky Pop Music, doing to the ears what fine wine does to the pallette." ~~Dale Penner

In a world where music conglomerates promote carbon copies and rip offs of other bands, Starcode keeps it real. Not only is Starcode the premiere rock band of the new generation, but their style of "High Energy Dark Pop Rock" music is what sets them apart from other musical acts. Chris Conti (guitarist), John Delehanty (guitarist) Paul Koelbel (keyboardist), Dani O'Connor (drums) and his brother Dave O'Connor (lead vocals/bassist) deliver energetic shows, which have helped secure a solid following in Albany, New York and tri-state area. They plan to conquer the universe with Hum, their newest offering, which showcases their music and highlights their talent. The sky's the limit and there's no telling how far they can (and will) go.

Prior to recording 'hum', Starcode got with an entertainment lawyer and were looking to work with a well-established producer for a new album, ultimately choosing hot shot producer Dale Penner, who helped mold Nickelback and the Matthew Good Band. The pairing between Starcode and Penner was a match made in heaven. "He really pushed us over the top with an album that is loaded with great, memorable and irresistible tunes," Dave O'Connor said. "We locked ourselves in a room for pre-production and came out with 11 amazing songs. He was amazed he could pull out that many."

After recording in three different locations (Hoboken, New Jersey, Albany, New York and Vancouver, Canada), the end product was appropriately titled Hum, their first album under their new name. "When we were recording in Hoboken, we had this horrendous overtone electrical hums going on that we couldn't get rid of," Dave O'Connor explained. "When we did the same set up in Albany and Vancouver, there was no hum. It was like the Hoboken Hum and it became a big joke."

Although Starcode loves to joke around, they take their music seriously. Their passion really shines through on Power Pop Jams like "Fine" and "Cold and Freezing." These tracks may seem aggressive, but these warriors aren't one dimensional; they can mix it up. After listening to grooves like "Lately" and "Crash," it's easy to close your eyes and see the picture Dave O'Connor paints. With tunes like these, it's no surprise why Starcode believes they can conquer the universe.

Get ready ladies and gentlemen; you're in for a wild ride.
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Starcode Live - 2/17 Lark Tavern, Albany, NY
POSTED BY: Starcode POSTED ON: 09 Feb 2007 12:39 AM

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