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Tanita Cherrelle from Mesa, Arizona
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Artist History

Tanita cherrelle 19 Years old, was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but raised in San Diego, California with her three younger siblings. At the age of three, Tanita would recognize a song on the radio, and in the first few seconds, she would begin to sing along. Her singing and writing skills began to develop at an early age. Watching her parents (Charles Simmons former lead singer of Family Circle and member of the Invisible Mans Band, Trinna Simmons former lead singer for SpearHead, as well as half of the duet Chaz & Trinna) perform, and their love of music, Tanita Cherrelle fell in love with music also. Following in her parents footsteps, she began performing in talent shows at the age of ten. Winning first place at the boys and girls club, and in several other competitions, helped fuel the drive to pursue her musical career.

Tanita began college with the intent of becoming a criminal lawyer. After a few semesters she realized, the career she really wanted to pursue was a singing, and writing career. Tanita went to her dad who is a producer and told him of her decision. She was encouraged by her dad to follow her heart. Tanita is a very gifted singer and writer. Her youthful, sweet and sultry style has been compared to Aaliyah and Brandy. She has finished her debut album, which will prove to have been the right decision. She also performs with a hip-hop dance group called Madd Drama. They have been winning first place in competition after competition and featured in several local news stories. Tanita's favorite artist are: Anita Baker, Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child, Aaliyah, Brandy, Tamia, Glenn Lewis, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Boyz 2 Men, and SWV. Tanita Cherrelle, a name that is rare, and seldom heard. Soon, it will be an unforgettable household name.
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  Sweetone Artist Compilation CD reviewed by Groov (for RadioIndy)
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 27 May 2007 07:23 AM
The Sweettone Artist Compilation CD, is a creative musical release. The album is filled with mainstream R&B/pop, Hip Hop and Regaton styles, and the beats are classy. The overall production of this project is very professional and exhibits quality content. All of the vocalists on this project bring a unique twist to each song. One of our favorite songs on this album is "Have You Seen Her". This song has an edgy, on the grind type of feel. The whole concept of this track reminds us of material by R&B crooner, Jon B. The lyrics are slick and the rap personnifies the streets. This album can be used as a sound track to any blockbuster movie, anyday. We recommend this for any true music lover. Pick up a copy today!
-Groov (for RadioIndy)
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