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Butta from California San Diego
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Artist History

Butta' a.k.a. Eric Jones was born one of five children in the mean inner-city streets of Cleveland, Ohio. It was a struggle for this young man having to make decisions at an early age. Butta' realized his only way to escape poverty was to use his God-given gift, his flows. Butta' began showcasing his talent and what ever he was received. He's covered the spectrum from rock 'n roll to jazz, R&B, to hip-hop. Butta' later began performing at numerous underground shows and hip-hop spots. It wasn't long before he became Cleveland's own Mic massager. After realizing he was a big fish in a small pond, he took to recording studios and woud engineers, and producers alike, with his precision, and his clever lyrics and the ability to always nail for one taker. It wasn't long before Butta' caught the attention of hip-hop recording engineer Girard Lombardo. It became Lombardo's primary mission to be sure this kid got a fair shot. But is currently in the process of completing his debut album and continues to bring the house down were ever he performs.
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