» I Believe


This was probably the first number to become a hit as a result of television exposure. Jane Froman first sang the number in her TV series "USA Canteen" in 1952 (later called "The Jane Froman Show"). With the Korean War raging and many people worried about the possibility of another World War, Froman asked for a song to be written that would offer some hope. "I Believe" was the result. She did not record the number until early the following year, when it reached number 11 on the Billboard Best Selling Singles chart and earned Jane a gold record. Prior to Foreman's recording, however, Frankie Laine recorded the song on 8 January 1953 (Elvis's 18th birthday) and had a huge international hit with it, including no less than eighteen weeks at the top of the UK charts.

Elvis Presley recorded the song on the 12th of January 1957.